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General issues

I can't check player's stats

Check entered Steam ID, you could make a mistake during writing Steam ID. If you are sure it's correct, check user's profile on Steam, if it's set on 'private', we have to respect his privacy and simply can't collect his data. If it's public and you still can't check his stats, there is possibility that Steam's servers crushed and at this moment we are not able to collect user's data - check once more in several minutes.

My stats in "Progress" was tracked wrong

It's possible, if you was changing Steam ID, switching Steam's profile status between "public" and "private" or Steam's servers crushed at the collecting-stat moment. Especially last one is very likely. Contact us, if problem occurred more than once.

I don't know how to get my Steam ID

You have to go to your Steam profile in web browser. Then simply copy the link and enter it to searchbar on Dead by Stats!

I don't know how to make profile "public"

Log into Steam and go to your Steam profile. Click "edit profile" on top of website, then go to "Privacy Settings" and set options "My profile" and "Game details" to "public". Make sure you also made "hours" accessible - it's when checkbox under "Game details" is unchecked.

I'm in leaderboards, but I'm first time on Dead by Stats

It means you have been already searched by someone. We add every searched player to the leaderboards.

I'm not playing specific killer as much

This stat is based on game's achievement, what means it only count if you are using killer's power. So if you are not using it as much, your stats can be inaccurate.